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This counterculture line of products is popular for free spirits ranging from students to professors. Here are some of our top sellings Stonerware products that make great icebreakers and conversation starters:

  • Ashtrays & Jars - Whether you’re puffing on a cigarette, cigar, or some of your prescription Bubble Kush, you’re going to need a receptacle to keep the house clean. Our hilarious ashtrays present an unmatched “WOW-factor” that’ll have your friends asking you where you got them.

    There are sayings and designs that are perfect for every type of stoner. The older generation of Dead Heads will love our tie dye because of its colorful look and nostalgic feel. Joint smokers will enjoy our “This Is How I Roll” tray; marijuana legalization advocates will dig our designs that feature the plant image itself; and, college kids across America will love our selection of ashtrays with silly sayings such as “4:19… Wait For It.”

    Our Stonerware collection of ashtrays is the perfect gift for occasional smokers and daily stoners alike. Their clear siding is ideal to see exactly when each tray needs to be emptied.

  • Drinkware & Cookware - These items aren’t just jaw-droppers; they’re fully functional too. Our line of airtight jars are perfect for storing herbs, spices, and small knick-knacks. Our drinkware collection includes awesome koozies, pint glasses, flasks, and other items that include hemp and marijuana inspired designs and slogans. All of your pals will be GREEN with envy!

    Whether you are a heavy smoker or straight-edge, a tall glass of water is great to keep you refreshed. After all, it is allergy season. We wouldn’t want anybody to come down with a case of dry mouth.

    Insider tip: After using our Stonerware Silicone Bake tray or our cookie cutters to make some sweet snacks, fill up a jar or glass with some milk to wash it down.

  • Novelty Items & Games - From our 3D picture frame to our “Magifyin’ Grass” magnifying glass, we have tons of fun Stonerware games and decor.

    Check out our leaf-adorned shot glasses and even our Rasta Leaf Shot Glass. We have an awesome 4-20 friendly flask adorned with a pot leaf to get the point across. We also have a great selection of pint glasses and can cozies to enhance your drinking experience.

    That not enough? If not, we have the Smokin’ Dice Game, a great game you can play with your other buddies as you enjoy some buds together. It’s never a bad time for Stonerware. Everybody (of age) will get a kick out of this one of a kind product line.

    Even if you say no to drugs, you can still say yes to mugs. Check out these gnarly Stoner Ware specials:
  • Buy unique coffee mugs at our special online price.
  • Buy shot glasses online today! (while Stoner Ware supplies last.)
  • Purchase some cool pint glasses for your friends 24/7.

    Some other rare Stonerware items that are great for dorm rooms, apartments, and houses are our hookah yards, sippy cups, shot stacks, and slinky-like Chronic Coil.


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