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Elf Movie Merchandise

Who says you can’t celebrate Christmas - or at least the Christmas spirit - every day? Elf is one of those classics that fits in as perfectly into the holiday season as it does into any other time of year.

Maybe it’s the nature of Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf himself. A human raised by elves, Buddy is constantly in the Christmas spirit, but his exuberance for life in general extends to the rest of the year. Buddy, finding himself in the surly environment of modern-day Manhattan, refuses to give into the prevailing cynicism of his new surroundings. Instead, he happily continues doling out hugs, eating massive amounts of sugar and relentlessly spreading cheer to even the most reluctant of Scrooges. Eventually, no one around him can resist his innocent charm. We’ll raise one of our Elf movie glasses to that.

Our Elf movie glasses are suitable for any occasion, whether it’s your annual holiday party or a 4th of July BBQ. Our unique drinkware selection includes:

Pint Glasses: Fancy giggling over one of Will Ferrell’s epic Elf lines while you sip a craft beer? Our Elf movie pint glasses are just the thing.

Ice Cube Trays: Add a little flair and cheer to your cup with Christmas tree-shaped ice cubes. This durable mold won’t break on you, either.

Character Aprons: Not only will this character apron keep your outfit safe while you cook, but it’s also perfect for when you need a little of Buddy’s optimism in your own life. Try it on and see if you don’t smile.

Can Coolers: Christmas in July has never been better than with our Elf can coolers. Open up a cold one and keep it cold, or protect your hands from freezing up while drinking beers on a chilly night.

Mugs: Good morning! Time to go to work - oh, was that a groan? We promise mornings will be a little more bearable when you’re sipping a cup of coffee out of an Elf mug.

Straw Cups: Take your drink - and your Christmas cheer - to go in a sturdy Elf mug complete with drinking straw and lid. Buddy would approve of a road trip.

Elf Movie Glasses

The best way to keep the Christmas spirit going, of course, is to give our Elf movie glasses as a gift, whether to yourself or to a friend. We’re happy to help you find the perfect pick that will keep you or a loved one smiling all year.


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