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Mean Girls

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Mean Girls Merchandise

Let’s get one thing straight: Mean Girls is one of the best American comedies ever made. But you already knew that, or else you wouldn’t be here, would you? This eminently quotable movie has almost too many now-classic lines to count. What started as a mid-2000s teen comedy has ended up a pop culture phenomenon that virtually changed the way folks of a certain age communicate with each other. 

For example: “On Wednesdays, we wear pink” is a universally understood way for groups to recognize themselves and make fun of themselves at once.  Regina George has become a beloved love-to-hate-her villainess of the first degree. The name “Glen Coco” is embedded in the pop culture landscape for likely years to come, and Jingle Bell Rock will never, ever be the same. The film has even earned its own unofficial holiday, October 3rd. Mean Girls is a gold mine for memes and reaction gifs. It’s also a gold mine for Mean Girls mugs and cups. Don’t believe us? Read on and see if you aren’t itching to order Mean GIrls mugs online and other unique drinkware.

Some might tell you that material things won’t make you happy. You know what we say to that? Maybe Mean Girls mugs  and cups won’t love you unconditionally, but they will make you feel good about your life choices. Buying yourself Mean Girls mugs and cups with your favorite lines on them - or just Regina George’s face - means you’ll always enjoy a good inside joke with yourself. See that bright pink mug? That there is a reminder that even if getting up in the morning to go to work can be tough, there’s a reason you do it, which is to be able to enjoy your life as you see fit. And surrounding yourself with the things in life that make you feel lighthearted - like Mean Girls mugs and cups - is all part of the fun.

At, we want you to enjoy life! That’s why we have the largest online selection of unique housewares and drinkware that you can find. It’s easy to buy coffee mugs online with our simple ordering system.

Get in the car, loser - we’re going shopping.


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