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Star Wars

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Star Wars Merchandise

Seven films. dozens of books. multiple TV shows. countless hours arguing who shot first or whether midi-chlorians actually have anything to do with the force. Star Wars has earned the love of fans across the globe with characters and a tale that, while seemingly familiar, feels unlike any other.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away Star Wars fans had to travel across the internet, searching for kitchenware and other products that showed their fandom. Thankfully, those dark times have passed. offers dozens of products spanning the entire Star Wars universe. From character aprons to ice cube molds, the search is over. Whether you’re on the rebels’ side or the empire’s, our inventory has enough variety to fill a Millennium Falcon’s cargo bay.

The force is strong with these products. Bring together the most powerful sith and mercenaries in your cupboard or choose your favorite member of the Rebel Alliance to wear as your new Star Wars Apron. 

Star Wars Aprons?

Whip up a meal that would feed Jabba the Hut with these aprons. Comedic, nostalgic and iconic, these Star Wars aprons keep your clothes protected while cooking and give your guests something to talk about. Wanted to voice your feelings on Episode VII but didn’t want to just bring it up out of the blue? now you have a slightly subtler way to do so.

Aside from the Star Wars Aprons, has other novelty products sure to start a conversation. Accomplish the mission of your favorite X-Wing pilot with a Death Star Ice Cube tray and destroy the crown jewel of the empire every time you cool down a drink. Keep your canned beverages cool with the skill of a Jedi Master with a Yoda can cooler.

Stay cold, your drinks will.

These Are The Droids You’re Looking For

They’re all here, from BB8 to C-3PO and R2D2, every major character can be a part of your kitchen as a conversation piece or just because you love Star Wars. So if you’ve been searching for a new hope to strike back against boring kitchenware, congratulations! The return of lively Star Wars products is upon us.




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