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Superhero Merchandise

The Best in Superhero Merchandise from!

Have your plastic cups gone toe-to-toe with some of Gotham’s most formidable foes? Have your pint glasses stood with Green Arrow, Hawkman, Wonder Woman and earth’s greatest super heroes against intergalactic tyrants? Have your ice cube trays squared off against Ultron, Loki and Thanos?

At, we have something for the superhero that exists within us all. Instead of just feeling like a superhero, become your favorite comic hero or villain. If you want to cook like one, we’ve got the right apron for you. If you’d just rather show your support for some of Earth’s most powerful protectors, we have an inventory bursting with products that allow you to do just that. 

Comic Mugs

DC Comics mugs as well as Marvel Comics Pint Glasses, at, you can have the best of both worlds. Our wide selection of ice cube trays, aprons, plastic cups, pint glasses, mugs and more feature superheroes like Wonder Woman and your other childhood (and adulthood) favorites.

Wonder Woman Aprons

Throw on your Wonder Woman apron and whip up something fit for an Amazonian princess. Don another character’s apron and grill up a plate of Gotham’s favorite breakfast or a wall-crawling, web-slinging dinner. 


Superhero Ice Cube Trays

Don’t Forget The Superhero Ice Cube Trays!

Enhance the power of your drinks with some superhero ice cubes from our selection of ice cube trays. Want something that’ll leave visitors in awe? Look no further. This isn’t the same old stuff. Check us out for everything comics to spruce up your home.

Iron Man, Captain America, Batman: They’re all available in ice cube trays, ready to protect your drinks from any imminent threat -- or just from getting warm. 

How About Comic Mugs and Other Drinkware? Batman. The Hulk. Superman. Deadpool. Wonder Woman. Black Widow. With our super hero plastic cups, Ice Cube trays, mugs, pint glasses and aprons, you have the power to take your favorite comic book characters from the pages of your youth or the frames of your favorite films and bring them into your kitchen. So whip up your breakfast in a wonder woman apron, get your morning coffee in an agent of SHIELD coffee mug, take your water to work in a Captain America plastic cup, filled with ice courtesy of an Iron Man ice cube tray ( just don’t start another Civil War ) and finish off your day drinking your favorite beverage out of a batman pint glass. 

Our selection allows you to take your favorite comic heroes to work, or keep them in the kitchen for meals at home. Entertain your guests with a super hero or villain theme to their beverages, or square off against your significant other in a coffee mug duel for the pages.

With an inventory of well over a hundred super hero and comic book related houseware items, you can deck out any area or the home with your favorite characters from pint glasses in the bar, coffee mugs and plastic cups in the kitchen, an apron by the grill and apothecary jars for the dining room. has plastic cups and other great novelty items for that Wonder Woman or Superman in your life. Whether you’re looking to cool off with some ice cube trays, get some plastic cups that won’t break like your old tea set, don that Wonder Woman apron for the cook out, or find that right item to reach out to an old friend with a shout-out to their favorite comic, we’ve got you covered at Our mugs are almost as super as the heroes they portray and we provide complimentary shipping on every order over $50. So don’t delay, browse our selection today!



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