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Friends Television Merchandise

Feel like you’re part of the gang with our Friends merchandise! Transport yourself back to simpler times in the 90s when the television show Friends was going strong, and Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe were making you laugh with their antics. You can do that by browsing our Friends Central Perk Café products. Our inventory includes cups, mugs, and aprons. And if you’re looking for something other than Friends, we also have tons of other unique coffee mugs that you can buy throughout our website.

Central Perk Mugs

Even though you won’t be able to sit on that iconic couch from Central Perk, you can still pretend that Gunther just served you coffee or another drink when you’re using our Friends mug. Choose from our regular sized mug or the slightly larger 20 oz one, and don’t forget to turn the channel to Friends so that you can feel as though you’re there with everyone.

Central Perk Cups

If you want something to go along with your Friends mug, try our Central Perk cups. They come complete with a double-walled design that will keep your drinks insulated while you’re laughing along to the hit TV show and listening to Ross tell Rachel that “we were on a break.” The 16 oz acrylic cups include a screw on lid, rubber sleeve, and color-coordinated reusable straw. We also have cool pint glasses that feature your other favorite TV shows and movies.

Central Perk Aprons

Whether you want to look like Rachel or Gunther (or maybe pretend that you’re a character starring in Friends!), we have the product for you. Our Central Perk aprons will be sure to catch the eyes of your friends and have them wondering just where you found this novelty item. This nice black apron, which features the logo, is woven in 100% cotton and has one size that fits most.

We look forward to fulfilling your wishes and sharing our Friends products with you. Although the show has ended, the fun doesn’t have to because you can always use other products and watch those hilarious reruns. You can also buy shot glasses online from other TV shows and movies by browsing through our extensive and unique collection.


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