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Quality and Cool Caped Glasses from

Here at, our mission is to provide our customers with unique and quality drinkware, housewares, and other items that will make their homes stand apart from others. Furthermore, we also want fans of comic book superheroes and villains such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn, to be able to enjoy their cups of coffee and other beverages in some awesome caped mugs, caped glasses, or both.

If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, you’ll find that we offer two great caped shot glasses. The first product we offer is the Wonder Woman Molded Caped Shot Glass, which features a mold of the superhero’s body and a smooth blue cape. The other is the “Wonder Woman Insignia Caped Ceramic Shot Glass” that boasts a smooth black ceramic exterior, her logo, and a cool blue cape.

If the Man of Steel, aka Superman is your favorite, you might want to add our Superman Molded Caped Shot Glass that comes with a mold of this Last Son of Krypton’s body and a stylish red cape. Last, but not least, if you’ve been watching the Simpsons since the beginning, you might want to your very own Duffman (the mascot of Homer Simpson's favorite beer) Caped Pint Glass.

Caped Mugs Perfect for All Occasions

If you can't get enough coffee, or just want to add to your collection of cool superhero mugs, you'll find our caped mugs ideal. If you can’t start your morning without a cup of joe, consider our Lush Geek Coffee Is My Hero 30 oz. Caped Mug. This mug is black, features a red cape, and holds three times more coffee than what the average person needs.

If you’re an admirer of Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, you might be happy to know that we have two different caped mugs for each of these three heroes in our inventory. If you want to feel like Superman after you wake up, you can either choose a blue 15 or 20 oz. caped ceramic mug that comes with a fashionable red cape. If you’d rather start your day off sipping coffee from a mug shaped like the Dark Knight (Batman) you can opt for a gray 15 or 20 oz. mug with a sleek blue cape. Lastly, if you want to seize the day like Wonder Woman, you can choose a 15 or 20 oz. mug with a hot blue cape.

With, you can purchase our products to use, give as gifts, or display in your kitchen or another room in your home. In fact, think about how awesome it would be to have some cool drinkware instead of the “same old stuff” in your kitchen! Our drinkware looks great, is made of quality materials, and we are certain you and your guests will enjoy them for years to come.

In addition to caped glasses and mugs and, we also offer superhero plastic cups and much more merchandise with popular TV and movie characters and memorable quotes. Please browse our website to see our full inventory.



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