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Shot Glass

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Buy Shot Glasses Online

We don’t want you to drink from any boring, old shot glass. We want you to drink in style. Think about it: Would you want to take shots from a little plastic cup that looks like it came from the dollar store? We didn’t think so.

Here at, we have all kinds of pop culture shot glasses that will impress your friends and enrage your enemies (because they’ll be envious). So don’t hesitate, buy shot glasses online from us today.

Superhero Shot Glasses

Save the day and rid the world of evil by using our superhero shot glasses. You can buy shot glasses from us online made from high-quality materials including ceramic and glass. Our shot glasses are as strong and durable as the superheroes they’re based on. Some of the superhero shot glasses even come with capes. So, if you’re a fan of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, you’ll find what you’re looking for here at

Shot glass 4-Packs

How does four shot glasses of the same awesome theme (all at a great price) sound? If you’re thinking pretty great, then we encourage you to look through our selection. We have 4-packs including:

  • Christmas Vacation shot glasses
  • A Christmas Story shot glasses
  • DC Heroes shot glasses
  • Grateful Dead shot glasses
  • Star Trek shot glasses
  • Simpsons Faces shot glasses

And more!

Many other themes

Even if you’re not into superheroes, we have tons of other themes for you to choose from. You can buy shot glasses online that reflect your love of the movie Mean Girls, which is a pink shot glass that says, “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.” You’ll also be able to find a Stonerware Rasta Leaf shot glass, and A Nightmare on Elm Street shot glass. Take a look at our selection. We’re sure you find something that catches your eye.

If you’re having a party coming up or you want to give someone an unforgettable gift, browse our collection where you can buy shot glasses online. Our different themes will make your party or a friend or family member’s gift more memorable.


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